The best way to enhance your business or yourself as a business professional is social networking through social media tools. It’s great for self-promotion and self-marketing. Today a cover letter and a resume is not enough to land a job in your field of study due to the high competition of many other students graduating at the same time. In this new era of job hunting, you must create a personal brand where potential employers can simply search you on Google and find all sorts of things about you. Businesses are also using social media tools to market themeselves to potential customers. They’re also using social media tools to keep their current customers in touch with the business even when the customers are not there. Job recruiters are also using social media tools to help themselves find the best candidate for their businesses. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, and even WordPress are all great social media tools to help enhance your personal brand. All of these social media tools help your name get out there in the internet. These are all things that come up when searching a name on Google and you want to make sure that all of these social media tools are up to date and all show off your best abilities and qualifications. Business Professionals use Facebook to post pictures, usually pictures of achievements are the best pictures as anybody can look at it. You have to remember that many potential employers can see your Facebook profile even though you may have privacy settings on. SlideShare is very similar to Facebook in terms of putting up pictures but SlideShare is meant to have pictures with longer captions which allows you to really explain your achievement. Another social media tool is LinkedIn. Again, this is very similar to Facebook but this is more a professional social media tool. This is not the website to add all your friends but the website to create networks with potential employers and this website also pretty much has your resume if you have your profile updated. Twitter is a great social media tool where you can post pictures, make “tweets”. Remember to always keep your tweets appropriate and professional. Last but not least, Wordpress is also a great social media tool. You can post blogs and read other people’s blogs. Once again, you must keep your blogs professional and appropriate.

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